Robert Kaufman Fabrics

After Robert Kaufman emigrated from Russia and settled in New York, he became a proprietor of a very successful menswear company.  After the stock market crashed in 1929, he had to close his company.  In 1942 he set in motion the fabric company we know and love today.
In 1944, Robert and his family moved to Los Angeles because of his son's severe case of asthma.  While he restarted his business, his wife and daughter turned their seventh street office space into a thriving retail fabric store.  They added well-dressed mannquins to their window and cleverly merchandised Robert's inventory.
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In the 1950s, when health issues made it impossible for Robert Kaufman to continue running his company alone, his son's joined the business. They created a rayon/cotton linen named "Windjammer". Then they introduced a line of velvets plaids, and seersuckers along with printed chiffons and satins imported from Japan. In the 1970s, they added 100% cotton prints to the line.
A shift in the retail market in the 1980s, pushed Robert Kaufman to focus on the emerging quilting industry. The transition caused the expansion of the Kona Cotton Solids and their very first signature artists.
Today, Robert Kaufman remains a dual focused company, equally committed to both the Manufacturing and Quilting Retail Customer. Kaufman now employs a large family of signature artists that supply innovative and exclusive collections to the fabric line. It is still a family run business, with the third generation now heading up the company's management.